Creative Writing Challenge

Die Klassen 9+c und 9+d führten im Rahmen des Englischunterrichts eine "creative writing challenge" zum Thema "experiences in Hetch Hetchy (California)" durch.

(Quelle: Wikimedia Commons;; Daniel Schwen 2006)


Es ging dabei nicht nur darum, sogenannte "verbs of perception" gekonnt in literarische Texte zu integrieren, sondern auch darum, eine packende Geschichte zu schreiben, über die die Schülerinnen und Schüler der beiden Klassen auch online abstimmen würden.

Das Ergebnis der klassenübergreifenden Online-Abstimmung war eindeutig und zeigte die Geschichte von Vincent Hoiß (9+d) an der Spitze.

Viel Spaß beim Lesen!


"The Hetch Hetchy Valley used to be such a beautiful place. You could listen to the birds singing and watch the river meandering through the valley.

One day, I decided to spend the night outside, to be close to nature. When I woke up at night, I heard a branch crack and I was suddenly alert. The formerly peaceful atmosphere had been destroyed. I didn’t move. I was listening intently, but all I could hear were a few bats crying in the dark night sky.

Suddenly I heard another twig crackle. I was terrified. I felt the sweat slowly running down my back. I couldn’t bear it any longer. I opened my tent quickly and heard myself shout: “Go away!”

But when I had a look around, I could only see a fragile tree shaking in the wind …

I thought it couldn’t have been anything dangerous. But then I heard it again – it was a crack – and I was absolutely sure I hadn’t imagined it. So, I quickly put on some clothes, took a headlight and went outside to take a look. I switched on my headlight and started walking. Then I heard it again – another crack – and suddenly I saw something in the dark. On impulse I started running and chasing it, but it quickly disappeared into the darkness and I found myself left behind, panting and exhausted. I tried to compose myself and breathe more steadily again when something else attracted my attention. First, I thought it was the outline of a house, but when I came closer, I realized that it was only a derelict wall. Despite that, I decided to take a look around. To my surprise I found stairs leading down to something like a basement. The stairs were rotten, but luckily the planks could stand my weight, so I could go down. Downstairs I realized that what I had actually found was an old bunker. The place looked spooky. There were still some pieces of furniture and something resembling a uniform. It gave me the creeps. And suddenly I heard a sound. Highly alert now, I listened carefully and didn’t move. There it was again – something like a cry or a howl and I was sure that it must have belonged to a rather big animal. The sound definitely came from behind a corner. I wanted to find out what it was, but I wanted to be prepared for a run too – just in case. Sweat beads formed on my forehead and I tried to move as silently as possible. I took a look around the corner and discovered a dog. I was confused and relieved at the same time. The creature was obviously in pain as one of its legs was severely wounded. I reacted immediately. I carefully lifted the dog and carried it back to my tent to call a vet. […]

Several weeks later …

Benno has been staying with me since that day. He has recovered very well and is a faithful companion."

(Vincent Hoiß, 9+d)